With ever changing Economic Scenarios (both Domestic & International), Fierce Competition in the market, Shrinking Costs and Skill base, Increasing Demand on New Innovations in both Product and Services provided, One needs to have a Growth Strategy which is also Sustainable and Cost Effective.

Strategy is defined as “High level of Planning” which will achieve one or more goals under conditions of Uncertainty.

The objective of every Business Unit – Small, Medium or Big is “To Maximise Throughput at Minimum Cost – More with Less”. The factor contributing or affecting the above objective are

  1. Highly Accurate Inventory Management
  2. Demand Driven Supply Chain Management
  3. Skill Gap Assessment and Continuous Training of People
  4. Zero Defect Process Capability
  5. Final Yield equal to Installed Capacity
  6. Reliability of Machines & Resources

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By striking a Perfect Balance among these 6 factors, it is possible to achieve the above objective of “Maximise Throughput with Minimum Cost” – Ultimate Goal of Lean Six Sigma Management Principles . But, it is always easy said than done as all of these do not work in Silos, but highly intervened.

But, this Process of “Setting it Right”  is more a Journey than a Destination.

4Quadra Management Consultants are D2D experts (Design to Delivery) and plays a pivotal role of “Chronic Pain Doctors” for a Complex Business Problems, by evolving Data-Driven and Technology-Supported Solutions especially in the Domains of Manufacturing and Retail Businesses.

We pride ourselves as Solution Aggregators and promise to provide Quality of Big 5 Consultants at an affordable Cost. Most of our Professional Fee are linked to Promised Deliverables and / or achievement of Milestones.

Please visit www.4quadra.com for details. Also reach out to balaganesan.k@4quadra.com or WhatsApp to +91 96770 96136.

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