Target Customers

Family-Owned Businesses

Entire Organization waits for the Owner even for a small Decision creating delays in Deliverables to Customers

Roles & Responsibilities are not either defined or loosely defined which stresses the Owner and or CEO of the Organization.

No clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Escalation Matrix in case of failure

family business
What 4Quadra does?

Proposal Stage

Understand from the Business Owner / CEO about Problem Definition

  • His / her Vision for the Organization
  • Growth of the Organization in Medium / Long Term
  • Current Concerns about Pain points, Blocks to the Vision, or Growth or Both

4Quadra undertakes the following

  • Conduct a Dipstick Study
  • Process Walkthrough
  • 1st Cut Data Analytics
  • Interaction with Key Personnel

4Quadra submits a Techno-Commercial Proposal

  • Brief Gap Analysis Report (Vision Vs Reality)
  • Detailed Action Plan and Timelines of Completion
  • Milestones to achieve
  • Resources to be used and Man-days Deployment Plan.
  • Commercials
  • Payment Terms

Execution / Delivery Stage

4Quadra ‘s Deliverables

  • Develop a Formal Organization Structure
  • Fit People to the Organization Structure
  • Skill Assessment and Skill Gap with respect to Position.
  • Ways to mitigate Skill Gap.
  • Define Roles & Responsibilities for various Positions
  • Define KRAs and KPIs for different positions.
  • Define Method of Measurement for Goals and Performance
  • Develop Performance Dashboard
  • Define Performance Review Mechanisms
  • Interface HRMS (Optional)

Handhold the Organization for the Change Management for a period of 3 to 6 months or as desired by the Business Leadership. ​

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Our Pricing Model

Normally Our Pricing Model is Flexible and Reasonable and
includes 2 Components

Retainership Fee

Nominal fee for the Cost of the Resources Deployed
(Both Onsite & Offsite)

Performance Linked
Professional Fee

Nominal fee for the Cost of the Resources Deployed
(Both Onsite & Offsite)