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Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Dear Toastmaster Balaganesan Krishnamurthy, 

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Recognition is the Greatest Honour that can be earned by a member of Toastmasters International. The DTM award is given only to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership & communication skills and who have used these skills to help others in their Self-development efforts.

Attaining this Award was not an easy task. You have completed both the Leadership and Communication tracks, earning many awards to reach DTM Status. These accomplishments have given you a greater perspective of the value of being a good communicator and an effective leader. 

You have assisted your club, district and the community, More than 4 million people have benefited from our programs since the organization’s establishment in 1924. Your accomplishments and continuing contributions are a significant factor in the success.

I am delighted to recognise you as a Distinguished Toastmaster. Your outstanding achievement will serve as an inspiration to all Toastmasters. 


Daniel Rex

Chief Executive Officer,

Toastmasters International

Testimonial From Ms Rajani Nandakumar

I am Rajani Nandakumar, Psychologist and Life Skills Trainer.

I am a Certified Professional Supervisor from Australian Counseling Association. I offer individual/employee counselling apart from webinars on topics in Psychology like Stress Management/Effective Communication/Healthy Relationship/Responsible Parenting, and many more.

This TESTIMONIAL is for Mr. Balaganesan, Member BNI, Chapter Tiara, Chennai North Region. His category is Lean Management, and his company is 4Quadra Management Consultants.

Mr. Balaganesan is our Chapter’s Go Green Coordinator. His analysis helps members know where they are in terms of traffic scores. He gives us a mid-month score to alert us to better our contribution to the Chapter, if we are lagging.

Through his constant analysis, encouragement, and guidance, many members have achieved green score. He mentions exactly what extra needs to be done to move up in the score.

His meticulous tracking and analysis is a hallmark of his specialty. He is a boon to organisations that want to cut down on costs and improve profits through effective Lean Management. His tag line is very apt. Partners in Prosperity!

Ms Rajani Nandakumar,

Psychologist and Life Skills Trainer,

Antar Counselling.

Rajni Nadakumar