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    Process Throughput / Productivity Improvements Turnkey Projets
    1. Target Customers:
    • Any Medium Size Manufacturing Organizations
      • Discrete Manufacturing and
      • Continuous Manufacturing / Process Industries
    1. Typical Issues faced:
      • Order to Delivery Cycle – Too cumbersome and tiring
      • Inventory – Book Vs Physical – Not Matching
      • Product / Stock Traceability issues
      • Every day – Crisis Management. No early Warning Systems in place.
      • Too messy Shop floor
      • Too many Setups / too many Unproductive times
      • Under-utilization of Critical Resources
      • Delayed Deliveries
      • Unpleasant Customers
      • Output Quality – Too many Rejections & Reworks
    2. What 4Quadra does?
    PTP1 PTP2 PTP3
    1. Our Pricing Model
    Normally Our Pricing Model is Flexible and Reasonable and includes 2 Components
    • Monthly Retainership Fee–Nominal fee for the Cost of the Resources Deployed (Both Onsite & Offsite)
    • Performance Linked Professional Fee – Based on Mutually Agreed Terms and on Completion of Milestones / Deliverable