Our Services

​ ​Manufacturing Management​​Supply Chain Management​​Warehouse & Inventory Management 
Design to Delivery (D2D) of following Systems
  • Demand Driven Planning for MRP I and MRP II
  • Rough & Finite Capacity Planning
  • Daily Production Planning
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management System
  • HRMS
Design to Delivery (D2D) of Purchasing System
  • ABC Analysis
  • Automatic PO Generation based on
    • Re-Order Level Setting in Inventory
  • Periodic Auto Triggering based on Real-Time Sales / Internal Consumption
  • POS to Purchase – Seamless Integration
Design to Delivery (D2D) of Warehouse Management System.                                                           
  • GR & GI Process Setting with minimal Manual Interference
  • Automatic Put Away Advice
  • Automatic Picking Advice
  • Perpetual Inventory Cycle Setting
  • “Flow Through” in Warehouse
  • Paperless Operations
  • Inventory Management to Purchase – Seamless Integration
 Concept to Execution of
  • Low Cost Local Automation Solutions
  • IoT Integration
  • Design of Transportation Optimization Models
  • Layout & Racking Design
  • Selection of MHE for Optimised Utilisation

Our Focus

We, at 4Quadra Management Consultants, primarily focus on

Manufacturing Industries

(Both Discrete & Continuous Process)

Multi Brand Retail Outlets

Warehouse, Logistics &Transportation Services

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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) 
(E Brochure enclosed for Reference)

  • Cloud Based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
  • Complete Maintenance Activity is Digitised and Paperless Operations.

  • Supports
    • Time Based Maintenance
    • Meter Based Maintenance
    • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Life-time Maintenance Cost is captured on Real-time basis.
  • Maintenance KPIs like MTBF, MTTR, PM Compliance etc are available at the touch of a button.
  • There are about 30+ Metrics that are tracked in real time.
  • Pluggable to IoTs & Existing ERPs through APIs / Gates.
  • Technology Partner: M/s Atribs Software Systems, Chennai (www.atribs.com)
  • Visit www.fiixsoftware.com to know about the CMMS product
 SAP Plant Maintenance Our CMMS
 Enterprise Asset Management Software
Fully Computerised Maintenance Management System
 More from Finance & Accounting Perspective
Completely Digital & Paperless Operations
 Less Support for Maintenance Operations
Operatable thru Mobile Apps,
Tablet PCs.
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Business Process / Lean Management Consulting
(E-Brochure enclosed for Reference)

Advantages :

  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Increased Through Put
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Costs
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Functional Consulting for ERP

We undertake Functional Consulting Jobs before any ERP / Computerization Process within an Organization.
  • Study AS IS Process and develop Business Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Systematically Identify Waste in the Business and Manufacturing Processes.
  • Innovatively develop a Simple & Effective Solutions to minimize / eliminate Waste in the Business and Manufacturing Processes.
  • Build Check & Balance Controls in the TO BE Process before Implementation of IT Solutions like ERP.
  • Develop IoT Controls for Critical Manufacturing Processes.

Some of the Clients &
 Projects Handled

  • ITO EN, USA – ERP Functional Consulting for SCM, PMS &  WMS
  • Saravana Stores, Chennai – Streamlining of F & V Operations
  • Giri Trading Company, Chennai – Warehouse Management Systems
  • Autoprint, Coimbatore – Vendor Base Streamlining
  • OPG Power, Chennai – Vendor Base Streamlining
  • Messer Cutting Systems, Coimbatore – Value Stream Mapping